A colorful metallic world of corridors, windows, and wide open interiors, this planet is inhabited by metal Flockers, robots, and well oiled locals. This is a very busy planet where a lot of work is accomplished; the Flockers and Robots here have fairly big projects to engage them, and plenty of problems with which they need assistance. Bing and Bong design gadgets to discover the properties of springs, wheels, levers, pulleys, balance, friction, plumb-lines, gears, and structures as they ride to the rescue of the Flockers.[1]

The Tiny Planet of Technology is a large brass sphere engraved with geometric patterns. It has four satellites, two spheres and two cubes, tethered to it by long metal beams. These satellites 'orbit' the planet in pairs across different axis, presumably one pair from pole to pole and the other pair around the equator.

The adventures that take place on this planet appear to take place indoors rather than outside, as every scene is surrounded by large walls made up of many sheets of metal bolted together. Some episodes show these areas to be dome-shaped and completely enclosed, while others show the sky above some partially-completed walls, implying that not all of the locations shown are entirely indoors, but surrounded by large walls of metal. The only time Bing and Bong are shown in a definite outdoor setting on the Planet of Technology is in the colouring story Cleaning Chaos, in which the planet's satellites are clearly visible in the background.[2] The game 'Wheels' also likely takes place outdoors, as a sky and clouds are visible as well as a small body of water. However, the setting is strange in that it only resembles the Planet of Technology with its trees.[3]

Nearly everything on the Tiny Planet of Technology appears to be made of metal, including the flockers and possibly the locals. In the episode The Fisher Bing, there is shown to be an underground body of water inhabited by robot fish, used for recreational fishing. There are also elevators, a train system, conveyor belt bridges, and a playground on the Planet of Technology.

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  • Tip the Scales
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Tools, Glorious Tools
  • Free Wheeling
  • Slippery Slope
  • Pedal Meddle
  • Pivotal Points
  • The Right Angle
  • The Fisher Bing
  • Strength in Girders


  • The Construction Game[4]
  • Spring Driven Thing[5]
  • Wheels[6]


  • Cleaning Chaos[7]
  • Play Ball[8]

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