This unique planet is shaped like a Möbius strip. Its surface is a warm friendly pink gridded with blue lines. The Flockers on this planet are very partial to playing games… The only problem is they either don’t tell Bing and Bong the rules, or they haven’t figured them out themselves. On this planet, Bing and Bong explore the properties of the things around them: how they look, how many things are in a group, and what they’re made of. They play with patterns and numbers, and make friends with one-legged Flockers.[1]

The surface of the Tiny Planet of Stuff is abundant with clusters of cubes and spheres, some visible from space, bearing the same grid pattern as the planet itself. While most of these geometric forms are bound into each other and the ground, some are not and can be moved around. These can be bothersome to move around as they are usually quite large and heavy, though some are not. In Road Block, it was shown that some of the large spheres blocking a road on the Planet of Stuff were hollow and made of a flexible material, like beach balls.

Despite this planet appearing entirely inorganic, there are trees and flowers growing on its surface. The trees are spherical and bear either red fruit or flowers.

Appearances Edit


  • Patterns on Parade
  • Picnic Poser
  • Suits You
  • Give Me Five
  • Shapes Alive
  • Magnificent Seven
  • Shapes and Ladders
  • Mirror Magic
  • A Place for Everything
  • Road Block
  • What's Cooking?
  • Colour Clues
  • Ramping Up


  • Star Fractions[2]
  • Patterns Machine[3]
  • Symmetry[4]


  • Shape Up[5]
  • Guests[6]
  • Too Tall[7]
  • On Reflection[8]
  • Planet of Puppets[9]
  • Learn your numbers - Triangles, Squares[10]

References Edit


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