In a cool landscape, where everything makes its own sounds—even rocks and flowers, Bing and Bong get to join bands, play tubas, and beat on drums that grow on trees. The Flockers love to make music. Along with Bing and Bong, they experiment with rhythm, harmony, pitch, acoustics, and lots more.[1]

The Tiny Planet of Sound is surrounded by a spiral of small asteroids, circling the planet from one pole to the other. Its surface is consists mostly of blue desert landscapes with abundant mesas and plateaus. On this planet there is, appropriately, a bandshell in which a flocker by the name of 'The Diva' performed.

The Planet of Sound has unique flora that produces or amplifies sounds. Some of these plants include pitch plants, flute-like plants that can be adjusted to produce a different pitch when blown on, trees with drums growing from them, and drum plants that can play themselves. There is also a species of plant on this planet that does not produce a sound or act as a musical instrument, but produces conical flowers that can be used like megaphones to amplify sound. Some of the plants have some degree of sentience and can play music based on their mood or a mood they wish to set for others.

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  • Highs and Lows
  • Flower Power
  • Jammin' Session
  • A Chorus Line
  • Desperately Seeking Silence
  • Hear My Song
  • Bing, Bong, Bell
  • Found Sounds Orchestra
  • Rhythm and Moods



  • Sound and Silence[3]
  • Flock 'n' Roll[4]
  • Puzzle - Musical pairs[5]
  • Puzzle - Making Music[6]

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