A mountainous landscape with green slopes, glistening rivers, lakes, and amazing purple trees, where Bing and Bong experience various aspects of weather, wind, sun, rain, and snow. They find out how to keep dry in wet weather, and warm in the cold. Here, too, they learn the secrets of tracking Flockers, the relative size of eggs, the art of communication, and how big and small creatures see the world in very different ways.[1]

The Tiny Planet of Nature is the most similar to Earth of all the Tiny Planets. It has several landmasses surrounded by oceans, and ice caps at its poles. Everything on this planet is naturally-occurring, such as the trees, grass, landforms, weather, and bodies of water, with only a few exceptions.

In It's Raining Bongs, a flockwash is shown being built by robots beside a river. The same flockwash is also shown, already built, in Snow Problem, despite the latter episode being aired first. In a cave on the Planet of Nature there is a 'seasons machine', with four buttons to simulate a change in seasons on a tree beside it. Outside the cave there are several warning and keep out signs, including one specifically aimed at Bing and Bong.

Unlike any other Tiny Planet, the flockers on the Planet of Nature come in a wide range of sizes. Shown in Egg-stra Large are small flockers, normal flockers, and giant flockers. These flockers presumably occur naturally on the planet, however there are two arches on the planet that alter the size of anything that travels through them. Depending on which way an entity travels through the arches, they may become larger or smaller.

The Tiny Planet of Nature's model is recoloured and reused as 'Planet Robot' in the Spark and Socket animation.[2]

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  • Season's Machine
  • Snow Problem
  • Gone With the Wind
  • It's Raining Bongs
  • Winter Warm-Ups
  • On the Right Track
  • Blown Away
  • Egg-stra Large
  • Body Talk
  • Big and Small



  • In a Spin[6]
  • The Play Plant[7]
  • Water Ride[8] (Note: The scenery drawn into this comic story resembles that of the Planet of Stuff, despite it being referred to as the Tiny Planet of Nature)
  • Learn Your Numbers - Hats and Locals[9]
  • Learn Your Numbers - Umbrella Trees[10]
  • Puzzle - Spot the Flocker[11]
  • Puzzle - Let's Talk[12]

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