Bing and Bong live inside the home planet. Their living room is warm and cosy and contains all they need to exist; food, toys, books and the sofa, which also doubles as their means of travel. The Sofa is a masterpiece of technology, its comfy cushions conceal a wealth of gadgetry. The Sofa is propelled to the surface of the home planet on a powerful brass elevator. It emerges into the brass hand of a giant catapult. A strong elastic rope is attached to the back of the Sofa and it is launched into space.[1]

The home planet, never referred to by any other name, appears from space as a number of icy continents surrounded by green oceans. In the theme song and end credits animations, the home planet is shown, but it never appears within any episodes. The landscape around Bing and Bong's home is shown to be a snowy expanse with no other signs of infrastructure, however the Tiny Planets virtual world depicts the home planet as having several different biomes, including a forest, coastal areas, and a sandy desert.

While the home planet has been described as the smallest of the Tiny Planets in some sources, including the interactive storybook[2], other sources have described it as the largest.

The Crystal Cave Edit

Bing and Bong's home exists within a giant crystal on the home planet. In the Tiny Planets virtual world it is referred to as the Crystal Cave. It contains at least a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, the latter two being shown in Halley's intro and the interactive storybook. Outside, atop the giant crystal and several others, is 'the fantastic machine' which catapults Bing and Bong into space. All rooms within the home appear to be circular or dome-shamed.


In Halley's intro and the interactive storybook, the bathroom is surrounded not by built walls, but by crystals. An unused version of the theme song animation depicted the living room similarly, with crystal walls, and more cave-like in structure[3]. The kitchen protrudes from the side of the giant crystal and is surrounded by a dome of glass windows.


Bing and Bong's living room is the most prominent area of their home, as it where they begin and end each interplanetary journey. It is also the room in which they sleep, as their sofa folds out into a bed. The living room contains the sofa, as well as some potted plants and Bong's toys. On a shelf supported by pillars there are six spherical glass displays, containing a flower, a tiny unicycle, a star, a model robot, a rainbow, and a rare flocker feather. There is also a lower shelf with a small model of Bing and Bong, and a lamp. Beside a photo of Bing is a doorway leading to another room.

In the virtual world, only the kitchen and living room are shown along with several empty rooms, one of which strongly resembles the living room from the unused intro. Oddly, the giant crystals and the fantastic machine are visible in the background, despite the avatar supposedly being inside the crystal cave.

The Fantastic Machine Edit


The fantastic machine, referred to as such by Halley in her intro, is the reel and catapult designed by Bing to achieve space travel[4]. At the back of the machine is a series of pulleys with a rope that attaches to the back of the sofa. In front of the area the sofa emerges from is a long slide leading down to the palm of a hand-shaped catapult, which throws the sofa into space. In the short intro, however, the sofa emerges directly onto the palm of the catapult, omitting the slide until the end credits. The rope attached to the back of the sofa by a hand-shaped grasper reels Bing and Bong back to the home planet after each adventure.

Appearances Edit

The home planet appears in the introduction and end credits of every Tiny Planets episode. It also makes up most of the Tiny Planets virtual world.

  • Bing and Bong's Playroom[5]
  • Guests![6]
  • Learn Your Numbers - Building Blocks[7]

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