Robots are segmented spherical creatures with mechanical arms and helicopter rotors. Found on the Planet of Technology, like all robots, they are linear thinkers attempting to multi-task. They are there to help but do not take instructions well. Thus they are a challenge and Bing and Bong learn to work with them to get the best out of them.[1]

The robots are automatons present on all six Tiny Planets as well as in space, though most commonly on the Tiny Planet of Technology. They have segmented hulls and can be orange, white, purple, pink, green, red, or blue in colour. Most robots possess a pair of arms and either a propellor or a set of wheels, though they may have a variety of other parts with different functions. While the robots are there to help, and do so in most cases, they sometimes inadvertently cause problems.

Functions Edit

The robots usually serve as repair and construction workers, though they have served other purposes.

  • Repair/upgrading: In Pedal Meddle, a robot successfully repaired two flockercycles, but then proceeded to give the wrong cycle to the wrong flocker. The robot also adjusted the pedals on the remaining cycle and repaired Bing's broken wristwatch.
  • Construction: Robots have constructed flocker houses and at least one bridge on the Planet of Technology. They also constructed a large screen on the Planet of Sound, and a flockwash on the Planet of Nature.
  • Cleaning/polishing: In the episode Slippery Slopes, a robot rather excessively polished a floor on the Planet of Technology. In the Tiny Planets virtual world, any robot that catches site of the player will fly into them, stunning them, and exclaiming "Everything must be clean and tidy!". The downloadable colouring story 'Cleaning Chaos' features a robot excessively cleaning everything in sight.[2]
  • Sound: On multiple occasions a robot with a speakerphone has provided sounds for shows on the Planet of Light and Colour, and for a tangram display on the Planet of Stuff in Shapes Alive
  • Frozen yoghurt: A robot can be seen built into a frozen yoghurt machine on the Tiny Planet of Self and the Tiny Planet of Nature.
  • Stationary robots: Some robots do not move, but appear to be built into mechanical-looking objects, similarly to the frozen yoghurt machines. Two such robots are the suit rack from Suits You, and five robots making up a giant Newton's cradle in Give Me Five, both on the Planet of Stuff
  • Other: A robot with electric heaters for hands appeared in Snow Problem on the Tiny Planet of Nature. In the segments between missions on Noggin's 22-minute episode blocks, some robots appear holding traffic lights and redirecting Bing and Bong to other planets.

Spark and Socket Edit

On the 25th of September, 2007, SALERO - Intelligent Content uploaded a video to YouTube titled 'SALERO - Bing and Bong's Tiny Planets, Spark and Socket'. Despite the name, it has no known relation to the Tiny Planets series aside from the re-use of 3D assets. The animation tells the story of two robots named Spark and Socket attempting to conduct an experiment in a laboratory in a windy environment.


The animation begins with a view of a ringed orange planet, not unlike a Tiny Planet, with a voice (Possibly Kim Goody, the voice actress of Bong and Halley) exclaiming "Planet Robot!". The planet is a recoloured model of the Tiny Planet of Nature, with rings added. A laboratory on the windy desert surface of the planet is then shown, in which the two characters reside. Spark and Socket are a blue and orange robot respectively, reused but altered models from the Tiny Planets series. They possess different arms, as well as slightly different propellers and speakerphones from the standard robot model, however their most notable features are their eyes. Unlike the Tiny Planets robots, Spark and Socket can speak.


Spark describes Planet Robot as "The windiest planet in the universe" and demonstrates the 'windproof laboratory' by closing the open door. He then attempts to construct a 'wibbly-wobbly sculpture' out of balls, popsicles sticks, and rare nature flocker feathers, which he refers to as 'fliff-floff feathers'. However, Socket keeps opening the door of the laboratory, causing the wind to rush in and destroy the sculpture. Eventually Spark is fed up with Socket and makes him stay outside. Once the sculpture is finished, Spark feels guilty and lets Socket back into the laboratory, destroying his sculpture in the process.

According to the video description,

"Spark and Socket are highly production efficient characters based on SALERO methodologies for character creation and asset re-use; lip-synch extracted directly from audio files and character movements, camera configuration and environment designed for efficiency of production. The entire sequence was created by two people in two weeks."[3]

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