Halley, named after the comet, is a small wide-eyed alien who provides a running commentary from her flying saucer and “films” the action with a remote camera to provide a summary at the end of each of the television episodes.

Halley only featured in the version of the series that was broadcast on Nickelodeon’s Noggin digital channel between 2002 and 2005. She is voiced by the singer of the theme song.[1]

According to archived pages of Tiny Planets blog, Halley's mission to film Bing and Bong on their adventures is secret, and she is not allowed to interfere or have her presence known.[2] However, Bing and Bong do seem to know her, and she has referred to them as her friends.[3] There was also a tweet that implied that Halley had at some point slipped up and not known that Bing and Bong could hear her messages.

"Halley:Bing and Bong need to help fix The Music Wall on the Planet of Technology; I can’t help, but you can!"[4]

"Bong: Shhh, Halley doesn’t no that we cn hear her, but she’s right; we need cadets who lk 2 build it’s an emergency!"[5]

In the narrated 4-minute single episodes of Tiny Planets, Halley appears on-screen in certain shots of each episode, and has extended screen time in the end theme. In the 22-minute blocks, she appears in her extended intro and between each 'episode' but is unseen during the episodes themselves.

While Halley is generally said only to be voiced by the singer of the theme song, the description for the karaoke game on the 2005 Tiny Planets website implies that the character herself sings the theme.

"Try your best with the Tiny Planets theme tune - see if you can sing louder than Hally!" [sic][6]

Family Edit

Halley has a twin sister named Hale-Bop and two cousins named Eureka Encke and Ikeya-Seki.[7] They were present in an earlier version of the Tiny Planets virtual world, along with Halley herself, but are absent from the current version.

  • Hale-Bop: Hale-Bop is Halley's twin sister and best friend. She is very intelligent, so much so that adults come to her for help with complex mathematical problems. Hale-Bop has become shy from all the attention.
  • Eureka Encke: Eureka is a year older than Halley and, according to Halley, quite a troublemaker. She once programmed her parent's shuttle to go to the spacemart and pick up takeout that she ordered, however, she dismantled the braking system when she ran short of supplies and the shuttle knocked down the outer wall.
  • Ikeya-Seki: Ikeya-Seki is the eldest cousin, three years older than Halley. She usually keeps the rest of the family in good behaviour.

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