Bong, the smaller one, is appealing, coy, impulsive, and a bundle of energy. Impish, playful, gregarious and incredibly compassionate, Bong is especially miserable when on bad terms with Bing. Bong loves to join in games and be the centre of attention. Bong doesn’t speak but has an expressive face and body, a high-pitched kind of ‘greak’ (cross between a grunt and a squeak), and a multi-decibel ‘Yarrroooohh!!’ of joy.[1]

Bong is a member of the 'boing' species[2]. He has six legs and is covered in white fur, the strands of which appear to be of varying length. He has a wide smile with a single tooth, and large, blue eyes. With his small size and six legs, Bong is quite fast and agile. He sometimes uses his front legs as arms.

Bong can be found in the Tiny Planets virtual world through playing hide and seek. The player must ask Bing in the crystal cave for a clue as to where Bong is, then use the X-ray machine to reveal him in his hiding place. When the special adventure 'The Case of the Missing Machine' was first introduced, Bong appeared in the Plaza and would tell the player that there has been a disaster, before leading them into the adventure.

As stated by a post to the Tiny Planets blog and implied by some drawings from the Tiny Planets Facebook page[3][4], Bong did not originate from the Home Planet, but from the Planet of Boing. One day when Bing was observing the Planet of Boing through his extendascope, Bong climbed into it and came out at the other end on Bing's planet. The two soon became friends and Bong decided to stay.[5]

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