Older and much larger than Bong and with a huge heart to match, Bing’s enormous appetite for exploring is dwarfed only the endless supply of useful gadgets in an ever-present pouch. Wise and determined, Bing often takes the lead in adventures. Patient and thoughtful, Bing loves nothing more than a problem to be solved or a job to be done. Bing likes to help others and has an optimistic approach to life and its problems. Bing doesn’t speak, but communicates with body language, expressive eyebrows, and quietest, softest hums.[1]

The larger of the two main characters, Bing is bipedal and covered in even-length white fur. It covers all of his body except his hands, feet, and face. His larger size can be an advantage or a disadvantage to him, depending on the situation. Bing carries with him a satchel, from which he can produce objects of many shapes and sizes- even those that are larger than the satchel itself. He is always wearing his satchel, only taking it off to sleep or to wash himself on the Home Planet. In the episode Shower Power, Bing showered while still wearing his satchel. Bing also wears a wristwatch which sounds an alarm when it is time for him and Bong to return to the Home Planet. The strap of the wristwatch is most commonly white with coloured circles, though it appears brown in some renders. Bing does not have a visible nose or mouth, though he can whistle, eat, and give kisses with ease. Though in the show he speaks only through soft humming, he speaks through speech bubbles in the Tiny Planets virtual world. In the virtual world, Bing can be found in the crystal cave, the pet store, and the safari park. From December 2015 and as of January 2016, Bing can also be found at the Christmas market in the plaza.

Bing is an inventor, his first invention being some sort of satellite or projector attached to the back of his sofa[2]. A comment made by the Tiny Planets Facebook page on one of their photos states that the photo viewer at the end of the end credits is also one of Bing's inventions[3]. He also appears to have designed the catapult that launches his sofa into space[4], and modified the sofa for space[5]. Bing was also a deejay when he was younger, as mentioned on the (now deleted) Tiny Planets blog[6] and in a series of tweets from the Tiny Planets Twitter page.

Bing: Hurry up Bong! I don’t want to miss a minute. It’s time to spin some tunes![7]

Bong: I’ve never seen u like this, what’s up?[8]

Bing: It’s the 4th annual Record Store Day where we celebrate the art of music[9]

Bong: Brings back memories of your DJ days, huh?[10]

Bing: Yes, I was quite the artist. Remember my trademark record spin?[11]

Bong: Yep. Folks you have to see it - visit the Tiny Planet of Sound [link] find the “Found Sounds” video[12]

Relation to Binglings Edit

In 2014, a competition was announced through various Tiny Planets social media pages to name a new pet that would be introduced to the Tiny Planets virtual world. The names the names to choose from were as follows:[13]

  • Binglettes
  • Bingles
  • Binglings
  • Baby Bings

Though clearly resembling Bing in both name and appearance, no relation between them was ever mentioned. Whether Bing is simply an adult counterpart of the (presumably infant) binglings, or a similar but different species entirely, was never confirmed. An update in September 2015 allowed binglings to speak simple phrases through speech bubbles.

Bing is present in the safari park and the pet store in the Tiny Planets virtual world, instructing the player on how to care for binglings and selling parts and accessories for them.

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